Jeff Bezos – The Business Tycoon

Jeff Bezos is a business tycoon and the richest person in the world. So, he is holding the 1st place since 2018. He is known as an eCommerce entrepreneur. You can say that we are experiencing variations in the world economy because of this genius.

This famous personality is leading the market and outranked the richest person in this world by the end of 2017. In other words, the net worth of Jeff Bezos is more than the business magnate Bill gates. Twelveth January 1964 is the date of birth of him. By the way, he is from the united states of America.

The full name of Jeff Bezos is Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. he belongs to New Mexico. Jacklyn is jeffs mother and his father’s name is Ted Jorgensen by born. but his parents were divorced in a few years. After divorcing, his mother chooses her life partner to Mike Bezos. Then the present father adopted jeff when he was only four years old. Later jeff added his own name to mike,s surname.

The early life of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos studied in River oaks Elementary School. He spends his summer vacation in his grandfather’s house. His grandfather was his role model. From childhood, he often stayed busy in various work. He had a great interest in technology and science. At that moment, he made an electric alarm because of his younger brothers keeping away from his room.

This amazing person made his room as a laboratory and he was more interested in reading books. When he was six grade, he started a business in his school and gave the name The Dream Institute. It was actually a summer camp. Then his family sifted in Florida. Instead of, reading a high school jeff did a parttime job. At the same time, he joined the science training program held at the University of Florida. He is the founder of Amazon.

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