Bill Gates – The Business Magnet

Bill Gates is one of the business magnets from the united states of America. He is the co-founder of Microsoft. The location of this person in Washington. This amazing personality is not only an investor but also a software developer. As per Forbes, he was the richest person of the entire world since 1997 to 2017. However, Jeff Bezos outranked him at the end of 2017.

He has started his career as a developer of Microsoft. The date of birth of this genius person is 28 October 1955. The place of birth is Seattle which is in Washington. His father was a lawyer and his mother worked as in Interstate Banc System. William H. Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates are the parents of Bill gates.

Parents want him to be a lawyer, but he has no interest in that profession. This genius was having a solid aim to rule the software industry as a king. Therefore, he has started his journey to the road of success. He has developed his first software at the age of only thirteen years.

The early life of Bill Gates

Bill Gates studied in Lakeside Prep School. There was an opportunity for the students to learn about General Electric Computer in that school. So, he had an interest in computers and he learned the basic programming of the General Electric System from there.

He completed his graduation from Lakeside Prep School and became a national merit scholar in 1973. Then according to his parent’s wishes, he joined Harvard college, but two years later, he left the college because of the more attractiveness to develop software than law.

Gates started his own software company with Paul Allen after that. Parents were starting to support him because of his progress. Then his journey was started and now his company becomes a professional brand. Gates Notes is the website of this genius personally.

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